Sallie Hughes

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The genomes of warm-blooded vertebrates are characterized by a strong heterogeneity in base composition, with GC-rich and GC-poor isochores. The GC content of sequences, especially in third codon positions, is highly correlated with that of the isochore they are embedded in. In amphibian and fish genomes, GC-rich isochores are nearly absent. Thus, it has(More)
1. Clinical malnutrition is a heterogenous group of disorders including macronutrient deficiencies leading to body cell mass depletion and micronutrient deficiencies, and these often coexist with infectious and inflammatory processes and environmental problems. 2. There is good evidence that specific micronutrients influence immunity, particularly zinc and(More)
The relationship between media ownership and partisan bias has been an important source of controversy in emerging democracies. Systematic tests of the effects of ownership, however, remain relatively rare. Using data from content analysis of 93 television news programs, as well as more detailed examination of six provincial television stations, we assess(More)
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