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Heart disorder can be diagnosed by listening to the heart sound that is recorded using stethoscope on the human chest. However, human interpretation and diagnosis based on auscultation is somewhat subjective and vary depending on the skill and hearing ability of the physician. Studies have been focusing on the development and evaluation of methods in(More)
  • Mill Effluent Rashid, Alam, Salleh
  • 2012
*Corresponding author: zahangir@iium.edu.my Abstract—A statistical optimization was studied to design a media composition to produce optimum cellulolytic enzyme where palm oil mill effluent (POME) as a basal medium and filamentous fungus, Trichoderma reesei RUT-C30 were used in the liquid state bioconversion(LSB). 2% (w/v) total suspended solid, TSS, of the(More)
  • Siti Zuraini Ramley, Alan, Salleh, Md. Radzi, Mohamad Abdullah Hemdi, Zulhan Othman
  • 2010
A high turnover of managers within the hotel industry has become one of the major concerns to researchers and practitioners. In line with this view, this paper investigates the relationship between organisational justice (OJ) and turnover intentions (TI) among hotel managers. The sample comprised 254 lower and middle-level managers from 26 medium-sized(More)
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