Salimeh Mohammadi

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The infrared spectra of parallel-stranded (ps) hairpin duplexes with mixed A*T/G*C composition and either isolated or sequential G*C pairs were studied in comparison with antiparallel-stranded (aps) duplexes and a corresponding set of molecules with hypoxanthine as a G base analogue lacking the exocyclic amino group. The ps duplexes showed the(More)
INTRODUCTION Based on molecular modeling studies, a model has been proposed for intercalation of triple-helix-specific ligands (benzopyridoindole (BPI) derivatives) into triple helices, in which the intercalating compounds interact mainly with the Hoogsteen-paired strands of the triple helix. We set out to test this model experimentally using DNA duplexes(More)
The orientations of the symmetrical third strands (G3A4G3) and (G3T4G3) within the triplexes (C3T4C3) - (G3A4G3) x (G3A4G3) and (C3T4C3) - (G3A4G3) x (G3T4G3) were investigated by fluorescence spectroscopy and thermal denaturation using pyrene-labeled oligodeoxynucleotides. In the two triplex structures, both parallel and antiparallel orientations of the(More)
We report a detailed structural analysis of the psychrophilic exo-β-1,3-glucanase (GaExg55) from Glaciozyma antarctica PI12. This study elucidates the structural basis of exo-1,3-β-1,3-glucanase from this psychrophilic yeast. The structural prediction of GaExg55 remains a challenge because of its low sequence identity (37 %). A 3D model was constructed for(More)
Edible bird's nest (EBN) is widely consumed as a delicacy and traditional medicine amongst the Chinese. In the present study, for the first time, the antioxidant properties of an EBN pepsin-trypsin hydrolysate of the swiftlet species Aerodramus fuciphagus and its ultrafiltration fractions were investigated. Thirteen peptides with molecular weights between(More)
To target selectively the major groove of double-stranded B DNA, we have designed and synthesized a bis(arginyl) conjugate of a tricationic porphyrin (BAP). Its binding energies with a series of double-stranded dodecanucleotides, having in common a central d(CpG)2 intercalation site were compared. The theoretical results indicated a significant energy(More)
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