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This paper compared various MLP activation functions for classification problems. The most well-known (Artificial Neural Network) ANN architecture is the Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) network which is widely used for solving problems related to data classifications. Selection of the activation functions in the MLP network plays an essential role on the(More)
Intrusion detection has gain a broad attention and become a fertile field for several researches, and still being the subject of widespread interest by researchers. The intrusion detection community still confronts difficult problems even after many years of research. Reducing the large number of false alerts during the process of detecting unknown attack(More)
This project investigates the capability of multiple multilayer perceptron (MMLP) system with majority voting technique. It is a system which consists of all the best-performed MLPs and a single final output from these MLPs is selected by the voting system. The MLP networks are trained using two types of learning algorithm, which are the Levenberg Marquardt(More)
Multilayer perceptron network (MLP) has been recognized as a powerful tool for many applications including classification. Selection of the activation functions in the multilayer perceptron (MLP) network plays an essential role on the network performance. This paper presents a comparison study of two commonly used MLP activation function, sigmoid and(More)
Protection in power system is very important to ensure the systems are in a good condition without any failure. It is necessary that the protection system can operate at the shortest time to clear the fault as soon as possible. Overcurrent relay protection is depending on their time-current characteristic curve. In this particular characteristic curve, the(More)
This paper presents a comparative study of various methods that used to identifies the thyroid volume from the ultrasound images. The Radial basis function neural network method, and by the hybrid structure of neural network and the fuzzy logic method. The performance of the algorithms Active Contour without edges, Localized region Based active contour and(More)
Intrusion detection continues to be an active research field. Even after 20 years of research, the intrusion detection community still faces several difficult problems. Detecting unknown patterns of attack without generating too many false alerts remains an unresolved problem. Although recently, several results have shown that there is a potential(More)
This is an endeavour to simulate the concept of determining type of Thyroidism after stipulating the TSH, T3 and T4 levels in the human body by using proposed analog circuit. The Analog devices like operational amplifiers have behaviour similar to the mathematical operations. Till date there are so many software based techniques used for determination of(More)
The aim of this research is to develop an intelligent automated online forecasting of a car fuel consumption using neural network and classified it into classes of driving style. A new online monitoring tool was developed to acquire and analyze data collected from a car for the purpose of fuel consumption modelling and forecasting. The data was transmitted(More)
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