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Four diverse tools built on the Annotation Graph Toolkit are described. Each tool associates linguistic codes and structures with time-series data. All are based on the same software library and tool architecture. TableTrans is for observational coding, using a spreadsheet whose rows are aligned to a signal. MultiTrans is for transcribing multi-party(More)
Entertainment animatronics has traditionally been a discipline devoid of interactivity. Previously, we brought inter-activity to this field by creating a suite of content authoring tools that allowed entertainment artists to easily develop fully autonomous believable experiences with an animatronic character. The recent development of a Guided Performance(More)
Figure 1: A highly expressive robotic character, a robust behavior control system, and a host of content-authoring tools combine to generate interactive social experiences with an animatronic character. At Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center, artists and technologists work together on projects that emphasize user experience. The Interbots(More)
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