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Structures of Violaceusosides C, D, E and G, Sulfated Triterpene Glycosides from the Sea Cucumber Pseudocolochirus violaceus (Cucumariidae, Dendrochirotida)
Four new triterpene glycosides, violaceusosides C (1), D (2), E (3) and G (4) have been isolated from the sea cucumber Pseudocolochirus violaceus (Cucumariidae, Dendrochirotida). Eight knownExpand
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Colochiroside E, an Unusual Non-holostane Triterpene Sulfated Trioside from the Sea Cucumber Colochirus Robustus and Evidence of the Impossibility of a 7(8)-Double Bond Migration in Lanostane
The unusual non-holostane triterpene glycoside, colochiroside E (1) was isolated from the sea cucumber Colochirus robustus (Cucumariidae, Dendrochirotida). The structure of 1 was established byExpand
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