Salim Perchy

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We enrich spatial constraint systems with operators to specify information and processes moving from a space to another. We shall refer to these news structures as <i>spatial constraint systems with extrusion.</i> We shall investigate the properties of this new family of constraint systems and illustrate their applications. From a computational point of(More)
We introduce in this paper D-SPACES, an implementation of constraint systems with space and extrusion operators. Constraint systems are algebraic models that allow for a semantic language-like representation of information in systems where the concept of space is a primary structural feature. We give this information mainly an epistemic interpretation and(More)
The notion of constraint system (cs) is central to declarative programming formalisms such as concurrent constraint programming (ccp) and constraint logic programming (clp). Constraint systems are often represented as lattices: their elements, called constraints, represent partial information and their order corresponds to entailment. Recently a notion of(More)
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