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ÐEfficient application scheduling is critical for achieving high performance in heterogeneous computing environments. The application scheduling problem has been shown to be NP-complete in general cases as well as in several restricted cases. Because of its key importance, this problem has been extensively studied and various algorithms have been proposed(More)
The reliability of distributed processing systems can be expressed in terms of the reliability of the processing elements that run the programs, the reliability of the processing elements holding the required files, and the reliability of the communication links used in file transfers. The authors introduce two reliability measures, namely distributed(More)
The increasing scale complexity, heterogeneity and dynamism of networks, systems and applications have made our computational and information infrastructure brittle, unmanageable and insecure. This has necessitated the investigation of an alternate paradigm for system and application design, which is based on strategies used by biological systems to deal(More)
The increasing complexity, heterogeneity, and dynamism of emerging pervasive Grid environments and applications has necessitated the development of autonomic self-managing solutions, that are inspired by biological systems and deal with similar challenges of complexity, heterogeneity, and uncertainty. This paper introduces Project AutoMate and describes its(More)
The advances in computing and communication technologies and software tools have resulted in an explosive growth in networked applications and information services that cover all aspects of our life. These services and applications are inherently complex, dynamic and heterogeneous. In a similar way, the underlying information infrastructure, e.g. the(More)
The quality of the data being analyzed is a critical factor that affects the accuracy of data mining algorithms. There are two important aspects of the data quality, one is relevance and the other is data redundancy. The inclusion of irrelevant and redundant features in the data mining model results in poor predictions and high computational overhead. This(More)
With the increased complexity of platforms, the growing demand of applications and data centers’ servers sprawl, power consumption is reaching unsustainable limits. The need to improved power management is becoming essential for many reasons including reduced power consumption & cooling, improved density, reliability & compliance with environmental(More)