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In this paper we focus on intrusion detection in the mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Starting by an overview of the existing work in this field, and ending up with the proposal of a new distributed and cooperative architecture for intrusion detection. In order to overcome the weaknesses and flaws of the existing MANET intrusion detection systems (IDSs),(More)
The recent rise and widespread adoption of wireless networked embedded systems for mobile communication applications has sparked numerous visions of an ever more networked and interactive world. One such vision proposed in the past years are wireless ad hoc social networks, where wireless ad hoc communication and mobile devices are combined with integrated(More)
It is commonly known that writing and debugging parallel programs is more difficult than sequential programs (using traditional imperative or functional programming languages). Gamma, which is formalism for programming by multiset transformation, was suggested with the idea that programs are expressed in very abstract way. This makes Gamma very suitable for(More)