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Cuckoo search (CS) is one of the most recent population-based meta-heuristics. CS algorithm is based on the cuckoo's behaviour and the mechanism of Lévy flights. Unfortunately, the standard CS algorithm is proposed only for continuous optimisation problems. In this paper, we propose a discrete binary cuckoo search (BCS) algorithm in order to deal with(More)
Evolving solutions rather than computing them certainly represents a promising programming approach. Evolutionary computation has already been known in computer science since more than 4 decades. More recently, another alternative of evolutionary algorithms was invented: Quantum Genetic Algorithms (QGA). In this paper, we outline the approach of QGA by(More)
The present paper introduces the first corpus for the evaluation of Arabic intrinsic plagiarism detection. The corpus consists of 1024 artificial suspicious documents in which 2833 plagiarism cases have been inserted automatically from source documents. 1 Introduction " Plagiarism occurs when someone presents the work of others (data, text, or theories) as(More)
Relief algorithms are successful attribute estimators. They are able to detect conditional dependencies between attributes and provide a unified view on the attribute estimation. In this paper, we propose a variant of ReliefF algorithm: ReliefMSS. We analyse the ReliefMSS parameters and compare ReliefF and ReliefMSS performances as regards the number of(More)
The comparison of color histograms is one of the most widely used techniques for Content-Based Image Retrieval. Before establishing a color histogram in a defined model (RGB, HSV or others), a process of quantization is often used to reduce the number of used colors. In this paper, we present the results of an experimental investigation studying the impact(More)
In this paper, a modified hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization (MHPSO) algorithm that combines some principles of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Crossover operation of the Genetic Algorithm (GA) is presented. Our contribution has a twofold aim: first, is to propose a new hybrid PSO algorithm. Second is to prove the effectiveness of the proposed(More)
When it is not possible to compare the suspicious document to the source document(s) plagiarism has been committed from, the evidence of plagiarism has to be looked for in-trinsically in the document itself. In this paper , we introduce a novel language-independent intrinsic plagiarism detection method which is based on a new text representation that we(More)