Salim Chikhi

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Evolving solutions rather than computing them certainly represents a promising programming approach. Evolutionary computation has already been known in computer science since more than 4 decades. More recently, another alternative of evolutionary algorithms was invented: Quantum Genetic Algorithms (QGA). In this paper, we outline the approach of QGA by(More)
Cuckoo search (CS) is one of the most recent population-based meta-heuristics. CS algorithm is based on the cuckoo’s behaviour and the mechanism of Lévy flights. Unfortunately, the standard CS algorithm is proposed only for continuous optimisation problems. In this paper, we propose a discrete binary cuckoo search (BCS) algorithm in order to deal with(More)
In MANETs (Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks), communicating nodes are powered by batteries which could not be re-charged in many practical usage scenarios. Hence, maximizing network lifetime is a critical optimization objective in routing protocols design for MANETs. To meet this objective, energy-consumption should be balanced among all mobile nodes. In this paper,(More)
The graph coloring problem (GCP) is one of the most interesting, studied and difficult combinatorial optimization problems. That is why, several approaches were developed for solving this problem, including exact approaches, heuristic approaches, metaheuristics and hybrid approaches. In this paper, we try to solve the graph coloring problem using a new(More)