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In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks VANETs, a multitude of applications need to address not a single vehicle on the road, nor the whole totality of vehicles, but only a community of vehicles which share the same geographic location for the purpose of safety, traffic efficiency, advertising or infotainment. The goal is to transmit data from a unique source node to(More)
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) are characterized by highly speed nodes, highly dynamic topology and frequent link disconnections. This raises a number of challenges especially in the field of data dissemination. Our study focuses on Geocast routing which consists of routing a message from a unique source vehicle to all vehicles located in a well(More)
Recent Advances in technology has led to the development of small, intelligent, wearable sensors capable of remotely performing critical health monitoring tasks and then transmitting patient's data back to health care centers over wireless medium. In this paper, we propose in first step to study the issues related to the acquisition of medical information(More)
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