Salim Ahmed Ali

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Understanding why there are so many kinds of tropical trees requires learning, not only how tree species coexist, but what factors drive tree speciation and what governs a tree clade’s diversification rate. Many report that hybrid sterility evolves very slowly between separated tree populations. If so, tree species rarely originate by splitting of large(More)
High Performance Computing (HPC) is used to achieve best of performance. However, we see that power and energy are both critical concerns in High performance computing applications. One of the biggest challenges in HPC is power efficiency. Power and energy consumption has to be minimized to reduce the cost without much change in the performance of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of HIV-1 infection in Pemba and Zanzibar islands METHODS We used an interviewer-administered questionnaire that consisted of pre-coded and open-ended questions consisting of 29 items. The questionnaire was developed in English and translated into Swahili language before use. The questionnaire was pilot tested and(More)
The occurrence and abundance of ®ve species of arboreal mammals in 25 rain forest fragments ranging from <1 ha to 2500 ha in area in the Anamalai Hills in south India, were examined in relation to several habitat and landscape variables. The lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus) was the most a€ected, being absent from 15 fragments while the Nilgiri langur(More)
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