Salil Kumar Jain

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CONTEXT To explore genotoxicity in bidi rollers occupationally exposed to bidi tobacco dust. AIMS To assess the extent of genotoxicity of tobacco dust to bidi rollers of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India and cytotoxicity of bidi tobacco extract. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Blood samples from 31 bidi rollers and 30 controls taken after written informed consent(More)
The present investigation was undertaken to study the role of working conditions in occupational hazards among bidi rollers occupationally exposed to tobacco dust with reference to DNA damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes. Initially, biomonitoring was conducted by estimating urinary thioether to detect the extent of xenobiotic exposure, and genotoxicity(More)
A total of 150 postpartum (28 to 45 days) apparently healthy buffalo with normal calving history and free from peripartum disorders from college livestock farm and organized dairy farms in and around Jabalpur were screened. After recording history all the animals were subjected to gynaeco-clinical examination, White side test and endometrial cytology by(More)
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