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INTRODUCTION Hemodialyzed patients often present with a deficient dental state. The objective of this study was to assess the oral state and dental hygiene of chronically hemodialyzed patients. METHODS Forty-two chronically hemodialyzed patients were followed at the dental consultation and treatment centre. Clinical and radiographic data was assessed(More)
We report a case of Burkitt lymphoma of the jaws in an immunocompetent adolescent, revealed by intraoral swelling. An orthopantomogram showed multiple osteolytic lesions. Biopsy revealed Burkitt lymphoma. The disease was treated with chemotherapy. Complete remission was attained 15 months after the end of treatment. Burkitt lymphomas accounts for 30-40% of(More)
INTRODUCTION The botryoid odontogenic cyst (BOC) is a developmental cyst of odontogenic epithelial origin considered as a rare multilocular variety of lateral periodontal cyst (WHO 1992). This cystic lesion site is in the periodontal space of vital teeth. OBSERVATION A 21-year-old woman consulted for a swelling of the anterior maxillary region. The(More)
Alveolitis are infectious complications following the dental extraction. They appear under two forms: dry, characterized by a painful syndrome and uninhabited alveolus, and suppurative, which becomes identified by provoked pain and alveolus filled. Their etiopathogenesis remain a subject of interrogation because of the rarity of studies concerning this(More)
Cancers during infancy and childhood affect 1 to 3% of children under the age of 15. Among these cancers the most frequent are malignant hemopathies, and in particular, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which represents 80% of infant leukemias, with a peak of incidence around the age of 3-4. The overall prognosis for infant malignant hemopathies has improved(More)
INTRODUCTION Odontogenic myxoma is a rare benign tumor that arises from the mesenchymal portion of the tooth germ. It has a va-riable non-specific clinical and radiological appearance, and may be confused with other lesions such as ameloblastoma. CASE REPORT We describe the case of a young, African male patient with a large odontogenic myxoma of the(More)
First described by Philipsen in 1956, the odontogenic keratocyst is characterized by a large squamous keratinization of its border, an aggressive growth and a high recurrent rate. It is now designated by the World Health Organization as a keratocystic odontogenic tumour (KOT). Clinically, the KOT is manifested by an asymptomatic growth. Radiographically, it(More)
OBJECTIVES Oral bony outgrowths (OBOs) are localized bony protuberances that arise from the cortical plate. Various types of OBOs have been described, the precise designation of which depends on anatomic location such as torus palatinus, torus mandibularis, buccal exostosis, or palatal exostosis. We had for aim to determine the prevalence and clinical(More)