Salih Zeki Yıldız

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In this study, new xanthine biosensors, XO/Au/PVF/Pt and XO/Pt/PVF/Pt, based on electroless deposition of gold(Au) and platinum(Pt) nanoparticles on polyvinylferrocene(PVF) coated Pt electrode for detection of xanthine were presented. The amperometric responses of the enzyme electrodes were measured at the constant potential, which was due to the(More)
In the title compound, C20H20N4O2·H2O, the planes of the phen-oxy and phthalo-nitrile rings are oriented at a dihedral angle of 60.39 (5)°. The 3-(di--methyl-amino)-propyl chain has an extended conformation and is cis with respect to the phthalo-nitrile ring. In the crystal, O-H⋯O, O-H⋯N and N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds link the mol-ecules to form slabs parallel to(More)
In this study, 4-{4-[N-((3-dimethylamino)propyl)amide]phenoxy}phthalonitrile () and its zinc(ii) phthalocyanine derivative () were synthesized for the first time. 4-(N-((3-Dimethylamino)propyl)amide)phenoxy substituted zinc(ii) phthalocyanine () was converted to its water-soluble sulfobetaine (), betaine () and N-oxide () containing zwitterionic and(More)
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