Salih Mahdi Salman

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Glasses having a chemical composition based on combeite [Na(2)Ca(2)Si(3)O(9)]-fluoroapatite [Ca(5)(PO(4))(3)F] and forsterite [Mg(2)SiO(4)] system were crystallized through controlled heat-treatment. Two forms of sodium calcium silicate e.g. combeite Na(2)Ca(2)Si(3)O(9) and pectolite Na(2)CaSi(3)O(8), were formed together with diopside (CaMgSi(2)O(6)) and(More)
Tin oxide films were prepared by spray pyrolysis technique with different deposition times (60 240 s) while the substrate temperature (773 K), the deposition rate (0.22 ml/s) and the concentration (0.2 M) of tin chloride (hydrous) solution were kept constant. Variation of grain size with film thickness (deposition time) is found useful to model a mechanism(More)
Aiming for new glycolipids with enhanced chemical stability and close structural similarity to natural cell membrane lipids for the development of a drug delivery system, we have synthesized double amide analogs of glyco-glycerolipids. The synthesis applied a Staudinger reaction based coupling of a 1,3-diazide with fatty acid chlorides. While the concept(More)
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