Salih Al-Jabour

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In order to identify the Fur dimerization domain, a three-dimensional structure of the ferric uptake regulation protein from Escherichia coli (Fur EC) was determined using homology modeling and energy minimization. The Fur monomer consists of turn- helix -turn motif on the N-terminal domain, followed by another helix-turn-helix-turn motif, and two(More)
This paper discovers molecular symmetry (MS) properties of conical intersections (CIs) and the related nonadiabatic coupling terms (NACTs) in molecules which allow large amplitude motions such as torsion, in the frame of the relevant molecular symmetry group, focusing on groups with one-dimensional (1-d) irreducible representations (IREPs). If one employs(More)
Nonadiabatic coupling terms (NACTs) between different electronic states lead to fast radiationless decay in photoexcited molecules. Using molecular symmetry, i.e., symmetry with respect to permutation of identical nuclei and inversion of the molecule in space, the irreducible representations of the NACTs can be determined with a combination of molecular(More)
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