Salem Y. Lakhal

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Companies strive to position themselves to maximize the value they add to the supply chains in which they are embedded. This raises strategic questions such as: Which durable resources should be developed to enhance current core competencies? Which activities should be externalized and to which potential partner should they be given? Which internal(More)
Business networking for the purpose of becoming globally more competitive seems to form the very basis of strategic decisions in many companies today. The concept of ``network company'' has recently been the subject of many studies in the literature, perhaps mostly due to its world wide practice among more successful companies. Yet, there is no model-based(More)
A distributed product has its manufacturing activities distributed among many locations. These locations could belong to one or more firms in a manufacturing network. Often, components needed to manufacture a distributed product move through different nodes in the network and sometimes across international borders. Hence, a transfer price is needed for the(More)
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