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OBJECTIVE To determine the effect on the bone density of the skeleton after changing from oral oestrogen to subcutaneous oestradiol and testosterone replacement. DESIGN Prospective non-randomized single centre study. SUBJECTS Twenty women who were receiving long-term oral oestrogen replacement. Ten changed to oestradiol and testosterone implants; the(More)
Childhood is a period of brain growth and maturation. The long chain omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is a major lipid in the brain recognized as essential for normal brain function. In animals, low brain DHA results in impaired learning and behavior. In infants, DHA is important for optimal visual and cognitive development. The usual intake(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the attitude of consultant gynaecologists and general practitioners to various aspects of hormone replacement therapy and to compare the findings in these two groups. DESIGN Anonymous postal survey of 589 general practitioners and 998 consultant gynaecologists; 373 (63%) and 655 (66%) valid replies, respectively, were received. (More)
  • S G Norman
  • 1991
OBJECTIVE To estimate the local incidence of ectopic pregnancy and to review the management of ectopic pregnancy with reference to those misdiagnosed at presentation. To establish management guidelines to be applied to all possible ectopic pregnancies. DESIGN A review of all ectopic pregnancies presenting over a 2-year period, and of emergency(More)
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