Salem Meftah Jebriel

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The number of security incidents is still increasing. The re-occurrence of past breaches shows that lessons have not been effectively learned across different organisations. This illustrates important weaknesses within information security management systems (ISMS). The sharing of recommendations between public and private organisations has, arguably, not(More)
In this paper we present an experiment to detect the vulnerability of recognition based graphical authentication system to shoulder surfing. The experiment is conducted with teams of two, a user logging in to such as system and an observer who is trying to spot the user's pass-image. Our results suggest that inputting our choice via the keyboard is more(More)
This paper reports on a recognition based graphical authentication system where the users provide their pass images as simple drawings. Previous such systems have relied on a human administrator to register the images with the system, which limits their scale. We have replaced the administrator with software that both guides the user through the(More)
The typical Online Handwritten Text Recognition System contains four main phases which are: preprocessing, feature extraction, recognition, and post-processing phases. Preprocessing phase aims to reduce or remove imperfections caused during acquisition step. This phase is also used to minimize handwriting variations irrelevant for pattern classification(More)
Online applications and computer applications software are increasingly grown and one of the most cornerstone issues of these applications is the usability issue. Investigating the usability of using any technique is very important before distributing that technique. In this paper, we investigate an authentication systems based on recognition graphical(More)
The aim of this research is to examine whether or not an attacker could guess hand drawn images chosen as graphical password by others, based on knowledge of some cultural information like where they are come from or their religion or even their hopes and aims. Also, the aim was therefore to ascertain at what level the cross-cultural influences might affect(More)
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