Salem Ghazali

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Traditional Arabic dictionaries are based on historical perspectives. They tend to include old meanings of little or no use to the language learner and lack modern typical usages. New dictionaries are needed that are based on an empirical approach where contextual analyses of language corpora determine typical central meaning. It is now possible to gather(More)
The aim of this study is to demonstrate that rhythm variation across Arabic dialects is to a great extent correlated with the different types of syllabic structure observed in these dialects, especially with regard to the relative complexity of onsets and codas. The main focus is on the relationship between syllabic structures on the one hand, and rhythm(More)
This paper investigates the duration of single consonants and two-consonant clusters in Modern Standard Arabic as produced by Tunisian male subjects. The data consisted of 105 words of the type CVCVCV and CVCCVCV with stress on the first syllable. The results show that in Arabic, a language which contrasts geminate and simple consonants, the durations of(More)
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