Salehi M. Mohammad

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Thompson (1990) introduced the adaptive cluster sampling design and developed two unbiased estimators, the modified Horvitz-Thompson (HT) and Hansen-Hurwitz (HH) estimators, for this sampling design and noticed that these estimators are not a function of the minimal sufficient statistics. He applied the Rao-Blackwell theorem to improve them. Despite having(More)
The automatic generation of presentation slides from technical articles is one of the most desired but under-researched area in the field of computing. Automated generation of slide contents from technical articles is much difficult than a typical text summarization process, since it requires the identification of all the crucial contents from the article(More)
It is difficult to sidestep Big Data today, as the industry is abuzz with its promises. The trend is towards data-driven decision-making in all aspects of businesses because making sense out of data is very profitable and valuable. People tend to use social media, especially Twitter, to tweet about their opinions and sentiments. However, due to the(More)
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