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a r t i c l e i n f o This study investigates the relationship between energy use and economic growth by incorporating financial development, international trade and capital as important factors of production function in case of China over the period of 1971–2011. The ARDL bounds testing approach to cointegration was applied to examine long run relationship(More)
Land management is an important issue for Bangladesh, where the land registration process is a major barrier to the economic growth of the country. Technology and IT can greatly facilitate the creation of a proper land management system. This paper focuses on various issues and problems related to the current system of land management. It offers an(More)
  • Saleheen Khan
  • 2008 11th International Conference on Computer…
  • 2008
The success of computers, IT, and telecommunications hinges greatly on the inexpensive and uninterrupted availability of power. Even with the gradual depletion of fossil fuel, and the rise in fuel prices, there has been insufficient effort towards saving electricity and making the most of remaining fuel reserves. It is time to adopt energy saving programs(More)
The declining share of output of Bangladesh Railway (BR) to real GDP is a major public policy concern and needs to be addressed. Policy effectiveness depends on the data generating process. The paper investigates into the time series properties of different measures of railway’s output. Traditional unit root tests fail to distinguish series with low from(More)
  • Saleheen Khan
  • 2007 10th international conference on computer…
  • 2007
Traffic control is a rapidly evolving subject, reflective of new developments in electrical sensor technology, and information and communication technology. In Dhaka, a city of about 12 million people, traffic congestion has worsened dramatically over the last 2-3 years, in spite of the introduction of automated traffic lights. Expensive and drastic(More)
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