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Crohn's disease (CD) is a chronic idiopathic inflammatory disease of gastrointestinal tract characterized by segmental and transmural involvement of gastrointestinal tract. Ileocolonic and colonic/anorectal is a most common and account for 40% of cases and involvement of small intestine is about 30%. Isolated involvement of stomach is an extremely unusual(More)
Trichobezoars (hair ball) are usually located in the stomach, but may extend through the pylorus into the duodenum and small bowel (Rapunzel syndrome). Rapunzel syndrome remains uncommon; with fewer than 40 cases reported. To the best of our knowledge, this case may be the first well-documented case with a length of 75 cm. They are almost always associated(More)
The term "intracystic papillary ductal carcinoma in situ" constitutes only 0.5% to 1% of all breast cancers. It is usually seen in postmenopausal age group. Herein, we are presenting a minireview about this unusual breast malignancy usually difficult to diagnose on clinical grounds and highlighting modalities of diagnosis and management.
Adenoid cystic carcinomas (ACCs) constitute 0.1-1 % of all malignant breast tumors. They have better prognosis than other breast malignancies. To date, there have been about 933 cases reported as per English literature. To the best of our knowledge, this case may be the second well-documented case of ACC of breast at younger age.
Primary adenocarcinoma of the appendix is a rare malignancythat constitutes < 0.5% of all gastrointestinalneoplasms. Moreover, primary signet ring cell carcinomaof the appendix is an exceedingly rare entity. In the present report, we describe a rare case of primary signet ring cell carcinoma of the appendix with ovarian metastasesand unresectable peritoneal(More)
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