Saleh Omran

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In this article we investigate the universal C *-algebras associated to certain 1-dimensional simplicial flag complexes which describe the noncommutative circle. We denote it by S nc 1. We examine the K-theory of this algebra and the subalgebras S nc 1 /I k , I k. Where I k , for each k, is the ideal in S nc 1 generated by all products of generators h s(More)
ABSTRACT In this article we introduce a universal C (∗)-algebras associated to certain simplicial flag complexes. We denote it by [Formula: see text]it is a subalgebra of the noncommutative n-sphere which introduced by J.Cuntz. We present a technical lemma to determine the quotient of the skeleton filtration of a general universal C (∗)-algebra associated(More)
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