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Nr-CAM and TAG-1 interact at the floor-plate during the formation of spinal cord commissural projections [Stoeckli, E.T., Landmesser, L.T., Sci. 274 (1995) 1123-1133; Fitzli, D., Stoeckli, E.T., Kunz, S., Siribour, K., Rader, C., Kunz, B., Kozlov, S.V., Buchstaller, A., Lane, R.P., Suter, D.M., Dreyer, W.J., Sonderegger, P., J. Cell. Biol. 149 (2000)(More)
The plant Saussurea lappa (costus) was used in the traditional medicine to treat wounds. Although, there are no scientific reports on wound healing activity of Saussurea lappa in the literature, the present study was suggested to evaluate its scientific validity. This investigation was undertaken to determine the efficacy of Saussurea lappa on wound(More)
Immunohistochemical examination demonstrated widespread granular deposits of alpha-synuclein (alphaSN) in the brains of sheep and goats with natural scrapie, especially in the cornu ammonis and subiculum of the hippocampus; this contrasted with the diffuse and non-granular immunolabelling seen in healthy controls. There was non-regular "co-localization" of(More)
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