Saleh Al-Shebeili

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Multiple-antenna systems, also known as multiple input-multiple output (MIMO) radio, improve the capacity and reliability of radio communication systems. Of considerable concern however is the huge complexity involved in the implementation of such systems. Therefore, the design of low complexity, low cost, MIMO systems that keep most of the advantages and(More)
This paper presents the analysis of a constellation-partition (CP) algorithm for multiple input multiple output-maximum likelihood detection (MIMO-MLD) system. We consider an N<inf>t</inf> by N<inf>r</inf> MIMO system where MLD algorithm is employed at the receiver side for MIMO signal detection. We show that the proposed CP algorithm achieves same error(More)
This paper presents the capacity analysis of a threshold-based multiuser scheduling scheme in broadband OFDMA systems. Fourth-generation (4G) systems such as the WiMAX and LTE have adopted the band adaptive modulation and coding (band-AMC) subcarrier permutation mode for the grouping of the physical subcarriers into logical subchannels assigned to users by(More)
The Fast QR-Decomposition based recursive least-squares (FQRD-RLS) algorithms offer RLS like convergence and misadjustment, at a lower computational cost, and therefore are desirable for implementation on fixed point digital signal processors (DSPs). Furthermore, the FQRD-RLS algorithms are derived from QR-decomposition based RLS algorithm that are(More)
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