Saleh Al Harby

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Visual functions of children with hearing disability were evaluated in a school of Muscat, Oman in 2006. Two hundred and twenty-three children were tested for near vision, distant vision, contrast sensitivity, color vision, field of vision, motion perception and crowding. Profound and severe hearing loss was noted in 161 and 63 students respectively.(More)
BACKGROUND A community based survey for Trachomatous Trichiasis (TT) was conducted in the high (TT >5% in 1997) and meso endemic areas (TT 1% to 5% in 1997) of Oman during 2008-09. METHODS Investigators examined Omanis 40 age years and older from randomly selected villages. Eyes were examined for TT and vision. The medical history of surgery and advice(More)
Oman is at the threshold of eliminating blinding trachoma. We conducted a community-based survey in 2009-10 to study the association of trachomatous trichiasis (TT) status with visual acuity and blindness among the Omani population aged 40+ years. A total of 8191 eyes were examined and participants' demographic data were collected. TT was absent in 7890(More)
We tested the validity of vision screening in schools in 7 regions of Oman in 2003. Two researchers tested 1719 randomly selected students in 4 school grades using the Snellen E acuity test. Trained school nurses had previously screened 182 233 students. The visual status recorded in the 2 screenings was compared. Sensitivity of screening by nurses was(More)
BACKGROUND Eye screening and refractive services to students are part of a school health initiative in Oman. We evaluated the impact of the compliance of spectacle wear on the vision related quality of life (VFQ) among 12-13 years old and 15-16 years old Omani students with refractive error. MATERIALS AND METHODS This historical cohort study was conducted(More)
PURPOSE To identify under-five-year-old children with vision or ocular defect in two provinces (Wilayats) of central Oman in 2006. STUDY DESIGN Public health intervention study. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ocular examination in Manah Wilayat was conducted by nursing staff of the primary health center (PHC) and in Mudhaiby Wilayat was conducted by a trainee(More)
BACKGROUND Oman aims to achieve "Elimination of Blinding Trachoma" by 2010. For accreditation purposes, a trachoma survey was conducted in Oman in 2005, targeting children younger than five years. It was conducted in twenty wilayats (districts) of three trachoma endemic regions. The Omani children were surveyed at health institutions during a 'Polio(More)
BACKGROUND The visual and refractive status were assessed for grade 7 students in seven governorates in Oman. The health records were reviewed to assess the rationale for their previous school-based vision screening. METHODS A representative sample of 7(th) grade students with a refractive error (RE) was examined by optometrists in 2012. Their compliance(More)
A study of fresh scaphoid fractures, treated at King Khalid University Hospital between 1983 to 1990, is presented. In a study of 45 patients, there were 43 males (95.5%) and two females (4.5%). Twenty-five patients (55.5%) had fractures on the right side and twenty (44.5%) on the left side. Six patients (13.3%) had fractures in the proximal third,(More)
OBJECTIVE We present the outcomes of knowledge of diabetes and associated ocular complications among personnel comprising the eye care team in Oman. MATERIALS AND METHODS A closed ended questionnaire was administered during November 2008 and November 2009 to eye care team members in six regions of Oman, where trainings were held. All participants of these(More)