Saleem Z. Ramadan

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This paper discusses the design of the optimal SSALT plan using Bayesian approach and progressive Type-I right censoring for an exponential life distribution under large sample size and small censoring proportion. The cumulative exposure model and the exponential life distribution in both steps are assumed. The progressive Type-I right censoring can reduce(More)
Accurate yield prediction to evaluate productivity, and to estimate production costs, is a critical issue in the highly competitive semiconductor industry. We propose yield models based on hierarchical Bayesian modeling of clustered spatial defects produced in integrated circuits (IC) manufacturing. We use spatial locations of the IC chips on the wafers as(More)
The mathematical model to find the optimal shopping policy from many available manufacturers for 1-out-of-n active redundancy series systems under budget constraint was formulated and tested using GA. The study showed that the number of possible combinations for this problem can be very high and the majority of those combinations are infeasible. This(More)
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