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Nematode sinusoidal movement has been used as a phenotype in many studies of C. elegans development, behavior and physiology. A thorough understanding of the ways in which genes control these aspects of biology depends, in part, on the accuracy of phenotypic analysis. While worms that move poorly are relatively easy to describe, description of hyperactive(More)
The solar chromosphere consists of three classes-plage, network, background-which contribute differently to ultraviolet radiation reach-ina thn am-th ~.nl~r nhv&-iota cama intmwatd in-a " Y " U-V.&. Y " *-yYJ ". " 'uY ". " A.8 .Y " YIVY " VU IY relating plage area and intensity to UV irradi-ante, as well as understanding the spatial and temporal evolution(More)
The solar chromosphere consists of three classes which contribute differently to ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth. We describe a data set of solar images, means of segmenting the images into the constituent classes, and a novel high-level represent ation for compact objects based on a triangulated spatial 'membership function'. Such representations(More)
ii c 2004 Saleem Mukhtar All Rights Reserved iii Acknowledgements I am deeply indebted to many people who made by Caltech years enlightening, rewarding and a memorable experience. First and foremost, I must extend by gratitude me the honor of being members of their research group. I have benefited vastly from their technical expertise and insights and their(More)
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