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The generalized inverse of a matrix is an extension of the ordinary square matrix inverse which applies to any matrix (e.g., singular, rectangular). The generalized inverse has numerous important applications such as regression analysis, filtering, optimization and, more recently, linear associative memories. In this latter application known as Distributed(More)
Cassia alata Linn, Commonly known as semaiagathi in Tamil is well known for its various medicinal properties in Indian systems of medicine. Various parts of this plant are used as vermicide, astringent, purgative, expectorant and to treat skin diseases. The present work deals with the anatomy, quantitative microscopy, physical constants and fluorescence(More)
Sida acuta Burm.f. (Fam. Malvaceae) is used in Siddha system of medicine and in folk medical practice in Tamil Nadu under the names Arivalmooku pachilai or vattatiruppi. The leaves of this plant are used for their diuretic, demulcent, anthelmintic and wound healing properties. The present paper discusses the anatomy of petiole leaf and stem, microscopic(More)
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