Saleem M. R. Taha

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This article illustrates four techniques applied to the well-known dual-slope analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in order to improve its speed of conversion. These are triple-slope, multislope I, multislope II, and multislope III, respectively. Linear and digital IC's have been used in these techniques. To minimize cost one of the design goals was to devise(More)
This paper describes a novel design for a digital power-factor (PF) meter. The design is based on a new digital processor that gives an output frequency proportional to its input voltage, as well as a digital output inversely proportional to the input voltage. The output frequency is made directly proportional to the product of the peak voltage and the(More)
In this paper, a new model of multi-level transfer function radial wavelet neural network using quantum computing is achieved. This model is applied to analyze and classify the electroencephalographic (EEG) signals. The independent component analysis (ICA) is used as processing after normalization of these signals. Some features are extracted from the data(More)
In this paper, new techniques to implement the Daubechies wavelets and multiwavelets are presented using quantum computing synthesis structures. Also, a new quantum implementation of inverse Daubechies multiwavelet transform is proposed. The permutation matrices, particular unitary matrices, play a pivotal role. The particular set of permutation matrices(More)
This study is to classify satellite data based on supervised fuzzy classification technique. Attempts to classify remote sensed data with traditional statistical classification technique faced number of challenges as the traditional per-pixel classifier examine only the spectral variance ignoring the spatial distribution of the pixels, corresponding to the(More)
In this paper, electroencephalographic (EEG) signals are analyzed and classified based on a new multilevel transfer function quantum wavelet neural network (QWNN) model. The independent component analysis (ICA) is used as processing after normalization of these signals. Some features are extracted from the data using the clustering technique (CT). The(More)
The paper introduces the design and implementation of a new capnometer. It was developed to alleviate the problems with presently available instruments. The small sampling tube which is a trouble spot is avoided in this capnometer. The autocalibration method of the instrument eliminates the need for unwieldy gas cylinders. The instrument is easy to use in a(More)
Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access is regarded as one of the main candidates for 4G broadband wireless services. It combines the benefits of robustness to the multipath effects in OFDM systems and high privacy and security in CDMA systems. However, a problem arises in the detection of transmitted information due to the effect of noise, fading and(More)
Increased downscaling of CMOS circuits with respect to feature size and threshold voltage has a result of dramatically increasing in leakage current. So, leakage power reduction is an important design issue for active and standby modes as long as the technology scaling increased. In this paper, a simultaneous active and standby energy optimization(More)