Saleem J. Denholme

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We present the first experimental evidence for metallicity, superconductivity (SC) and the co-existence of charge density waves (CDW) in the quasi-one-dimensional material HfTe3. The existence of such phenomena is a typical characteristic of the transition metal chalcogenides however, without the application of hydrostatic pressure/chemical doping, it is(More)
The transport and magnetic properties of the tetragonal Fe[Formula: see text]S were investigated using magnetoresistivity and magnetization within [Formula: see text] K, [Formula: see text] 70 kOe and [Formula: see text] 3.0 GPa. In addition, room-temperature x-ray diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy were also applied. In contrast to previously(More)
Ultraviolet and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies are used to probe the chemical and electronic structure of an amorphous, 2-20 nm-thick shell that encases the crystalline core in core-shell nanoribbons of TaS(3). The shell is chemically heterogeneous, containing elemental sulfur and a with a notable (S(2))(2-) deficiency over the crystalline TaS(3) core.(More)
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