Saleem Aslam

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Femtocells represent a novel configuration for existing cellular communication, contributing towards the improvement of coverage and throughput. The dense deployment of these femtocells causes significant femto-macro and femto-femto interference, consequently deteriorating the throughput of femtocells. In this study, we compare two heuristic approaches,(More)
The agile evolution of wireless technology has caused the slenderness of spectral bandwidth. Federal Communication Commission of US narrated that 70 % of available spectrum is not utilized efficiently. In cognitive radio wireless communication, the transceiver intelligently scans the spectrum and occupies any vacant channel. Due to this scarcity of(More)
The cognitive radio network (CRN) is a promising solution to the problem of spectrum scarcity. To achieve efficient spectrum utilization, cognitive radio requires a robust spectrum sensing and spectrum sharing scheme. Therefore, spectrum sharing scheme plays a key role in achieving the optimal utilization of the available spectrum. The spectrum sharing in(More)
Cognitive radio (CR) is a novel methodology that facilitates unlicensed users to share a licensed spectrum without interfering with licensed users. This intriguing approach is exploited in the Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) network for performance improvement. Although LTE-A is the foremost mobile communication standard, future underutilization of the(More)
The online shopping systems seem to be leading the offline commerce industry due to their time saving and anytime anywhere access features. However, the online shopping lacks touch & feel facility and possesses many challenges such as security, fraud and delay in the delivery process. In this paper, we introduce a hybrid model for the shopping malls and(More)