Saleem Abdullah

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Using the notions of belonging (∈) and quasi-k-coincidence (qk) of a fuzzy point with a fuzzy set, we define the concepts of (∈,∈ ∨ qk)-fuzzy normal subgroups and (∈,∈ ∨ qk)-fuzzy cosets which is a generalization of fuzzy normal subgroups, fuzzy coset, (∈,∈ ∨ q)-fuzzy normal subgroups and (∈,∈ ∨ q)-fuzzy cosets. We give characterizations of an (∈,∈ ∨(More)
The notion of intuitionistic fuzzy sets was introduced by Atanassov as a generalization of the notion of fuzzy sets. In this paper, using Atanassov idea, we continue the study on intuitionistic fuzzy sets in -semihypergroups initiated recently by Ersoy and Davvaz [25]. We give some further properties of intuitionistic fuzzy -hyperideals and intuitionistic(More)
In this paper, we have introduced the notion of rough M-hypersystem, rough N-hypersystem, fuzzy M-hypersystem and fuzzy N-hypersystem in a $$\Upgamma$$ -semihypergroup and some related properties are investigated. Moreover, we have introduced the notion of fuzzy $$\Upgamma$$ -hyperideal in $$\Upgamma$$ -semihypergroup. We have also introduced rough(More)
We consider the intuitionistic fuzzification of the concept of prime ideals in commutative BCK-algebras, and investigate some of their properties. We show that if P is a prime ideal of commutative BCK-algebra X iff ∼ P = 〈XP , − XP 〉 is an intuitionistic fuzzy prime ideal of X. We also prove that An IFS A = 〈μA, λA〉 of commutative BCK-algebra X is an(More)
Using the notion of an anti fuzzy point and its besideness to and non-quasicoincidence with a fuzzy subset, some new concept of an anti fuzzy interior ideals in LA-semigroups are introduced and their interrelations and related properties are investigated. We also introduce the notion of a strongly besideness and strongly non-quasicoincidence of an anti(More)