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We consider the intuitionistic fuzzi…cation of the concept of several ideals in LA-semigroup S, and investigate some related properties of such ideals. We also prove in this paper the set of all intuitionistic fuzzy left(right) ideal of S is become LA-semigroup. We prove In LA band intuitionistic fuzzy right and left ideals are coincide.. The notion of(More)
In this paper, we have introduced the notion of rough M-hypersystem, rough N-hypersystem, fuzzy M-hypersystem and fuzzy N-hypersystem in a $$\Upgamma$$ -semihypergroup and some related properties are investigated. Moreover, we have introduced the notion of fuzzy $$\Upgamma$$ -hyperideal in $$\Upgamma$$ -semihypergroup. We have also introduced rough(More)
In this paper, we introduced the concepts of roughness and fuzziness in ordered ternary semigroups. We proved that the lower and upper approximation of an ordered ternary subsemigroup (resp. left ideal, right ideal, lateral ideal, bi-ideal, interior ideal) in an ordered ternary semigroup is an ordered ternary subsemigroup (resp. left ideal, right ideal,(More)
In this paper, we introduce the notion of bipolar fuzzy subLA-semigroup and bipolar fuzzy left (right) ideal of LA-semigroup and several properties are investigated. Moreover we give some characterization theorems of bipolar fuzzy left (right) ideals of LA-semigroups. We characterize different classes of LA-semiroups by bipolar fuzzy ideals.
The concept of quasi-coincidence of interval valued fuzzy point with an interval valued fuzzy subset has considered. By using this idea, the notion of interval valued (α, β)-fuzzy hyperideal in a semihyperring introduced and consequently , a generalization of interval valued fuzzy hyperideals and interval valued fuzzy hyperideals have defined. In this(More)