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The association between idiopathic congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) and developmental dysplasia of the hip is uncertain. We present an observational cohort study spanning 6.5 years of selective ultrasound screening of hips in clubfoot. From 119 babies with CTEV there were nine cases of hip dysplasia, in seven individuals. This suggests that 1 in 17(More)
Light-Front quark model spin wave functions are employed to calculate the three independent couplings g ΣcΛcπ , f Λ c1 Σcπ and f Λ * c1 Σcπ of S-wave to S-wave and P-wave to S-wave one-pion transitions. It is found that g ΣcΛcπ = 6.81 MeV −1 , f Λ c1 Σcπ = 1.16 and f Λ * c1 Σcπ = 0.96 × 10 −4 MeV −2. We also predict decay rates for specific strong(More)
Radiative decays of heavy baryons are analyzed within the Heavy Quark Symmetry (HQS). It is shown that employing the light-diquark symmetries, the number of electromagnetic couplings among S-wave and P-wave states as well as those between P-wave to S-wave transitions can be reduced significantly. Using this constituent quark model picture the(More)
The SU (2N f) ⊗ O(3) constituent quark model symmetry of the light diquark system are used to analyze single pion transitions of S-wave to S-wave and P-wave to S-wave heavy baryons. We show that the Heavy Quark Symmetry (HQS) coupling factors are given in terms of the three independent couplings g Σ Q Λ Q π , f Λ Q1 Σ Q π and f Λ * Q1 Σ Q π. Light-Front(More)
Abstract Objective Currently priority for colonoscopy is given to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Surveillance colonoscopies place a significant demand on the service. These are held on a separate waiting list in our institution, which is currently several years behind. The purpose of this study was to apply the BSG guidelines to this waiting list in(More)
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