Salam Benchikh

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In this paper, application to image processing and image compression using the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is presented. We show the impact of the spectral distribution of the images on the quality of the image compression technique. Four families of wavelets are considered: 1) Bi-orthogonal, 2) Daubechies, 3) Coiflet and 4) Symlet. Since the good(More)
Fractal image compression is a an active area of research with new promising technique that will work very effectively in areas where we have to deal with a huge size of data .In Fractal compression major challenge is the exhaustive comparison needed in the encoding stage. In this paper a method of iteration freedetail space fractal image compression is(More)
Essential oils have many therapeutic properties. In herbal medicine, they are used for their antiseptic properties against infectious diseases of fungal origin, against dermatophytes, and those of bacterial origin. The aim of our study is to determine the antifungal effect of essential oils of Artemisia herba-alba on some pathogenic fungi. It is a medicinal(More)
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