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Service selection in pervasive computing is significant as it requires identifying the best service provider based on users requirements. After identifying the best service provider, when a service is being executed, service disruptions happen due to various faults. Though attempts are made to provide best services to the user, executing the service without(More)
Pervasive Computing is an emerging area of research where the computing devices are embedded in the environments. Service discovery is an important process in the pervasive environment which helps to discover the service to the user. There can be many service providers who provide the service with same functionality. Many criteria such as availability,(More)
Hostile MANETs are significant because of their applications in military and law enforcement area where the identity of the nodes cannot be revealed since there is a risk of tracing and locating them with their identities, which makes the network vulnerable to attacks. Therefore communication between nodes should be performed with the help of location(More)
Large scale searching problems such as searching for a particular tag in a set of web pages are always challenging. Distributed implementation of such searching algorithms are used in different distributed systems that includes Grid, Hadoop etc. In general, hadoop framework uses the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for all kinds of data processing. But(More)
Recently there has been an evidential growth in E-healthcare services. Every hospital has a variety of similar or dissimilar healthcare services. Selecting the best healthcare service is influenced by many preferences such as doctor's experience, location, feedback on continuity of care, waiting time, cost, hospital facilities, etc. Among the preferences,(More)
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