Salahuddin Farooq Mohammed

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The Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) in India uses a fully intermittent thrice-weekly rifampicin-containing regimen for all tuberculosis (TB) patients, including those who are human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected, whereas the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends daily anti-tuberculosis treatment at least during the(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term regular follow up of ART is an important component of HIV care. Patients who are lost to follow-up (LTFU) while on treatment compromise their own health and the long-term success of ART programs. AIM This study was aimed at determining the incidence and risk factors for LTFU in HIV patients on ART at ART clinic of Mizan-Aman General(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study four tea samples Gumero black, Wushwush black and Wushwush green from Agri- Ceft Plc and East Africa black tea leaves from East African Agribusiness Plc were investigated for total polyphenols, caffeine, catechin and L-theanine content. MATERIALS AND METHODS The aqueous extracts were investigated for their antioxidant and(More)
The effect of various forms of thrombin on certain platelet functions has been investigated. Partially purified bovine thrombin which is a mixture of multiple active forms of thrombin, was chromatographed to yield molecular species termed alpha-, beta-, and gamma-thrombin, each of which has varying degrees of fibrinogen clotting and esterase activities. A(More)
Objectives: There are many variations in prescribing patterns of Diabetes mellitus with hypertension which requires lifelong treatment as enormously increased the burden of chronic diseases and needs much care while choosing drugs. In a tertiary care centre, prescribing pattern are powerful tools to ascertain the role of drugs in society. Hence, there is a(More)
The convex bileaflet valve replaces the flat biflap inflow valve designed by Long Sheng Yu and the tricusp semilunair outflow valve. One reason is easier manufacturing. Convex bileaflet valves are developed for the 11, 20, 40, 70 and 140cc ventricles. Testing included curves (Cardiac Output versus Venous Pressure, Cardiac Output versus Heart rate), flow(More)
The development of the novel therapeutic agents or drugs will be widely affected by Parameters related to the chemistry (structure activity relationship), Pharmacology (mechanism of action of the drug) and the Pharmacokinetic profile of the drug (metabolism characteristics) will play an important role. Before a drug is newly launched in the market various(More)
The pharmacodynamics profile of a drug plays an important role in the development of a novel therapeutic agent. The above mentioned basic foundation is also applicable to the development of drugs which are directed towards the neuromuscular junction. The nicotinic acetyl choline receptor has been predominant role at the neuromuscular junction and has minor(More)
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