Salaheddin Odeh

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Nowadays remote laboratories suffer the absence of reusability. In addition, their construction and maintenance require time, money and skills. The system implementation of a specific remote lab is neither generic nor reusable. In this paper, a solution for a reusable remote lab dedicated for disparate types of scientific and engineering experiments is(More)
—Collaborative working environments for distance education sets a goal of convenience and an adaptation into our technologically advanced societies. To achieve this revolutionary new way of learning, environments must allow the different participants to communicate and coordinate with each other in a productive manner [1]. Productivity and efficiency is(More)
—Most of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for process control disseminated in the industry are mostly technique-oriented and don't reflect operators' needs. This approach tries to compensate this lack through offering user-oriented interfaces characterized as cognitive-compatible. If HMIs have to be cognitive-compatible, then designers should take various(More)
—This contribution shows the concept and the steps of how we can create a Web-based remote lab platform with reusability capability that can be mainly used in engineering and science education for teaching electronics. Reusability is achieved in such a way that the platform not only allows the implementation of a variety of electronic experiments, but also(More)
—this contribution focuses on the development and design of e-learning tools for school students in primary stages through dealing and considering the math of real fractions, which presents an example of learning material difficult to understand by many school students and a real challenge for e-learning designers and multimedia authoring. Firstly, we will(More)