Salaheddin Odeh

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Nowadays remote laboratories suffer the absence of reusability. In addition, their construction and maintenance require time, money and skills. The system implementation of a specific remote lab is neither generic nor reusable. In this paper, a solution for a reusable remote lab dedicated for disparate types of scientific and engineering experiments is(More)
Problem statement: Problem of moving a robot through unknown environment has attracted much attention over past two decades. Such problems have several difficulties and complexities that are unobserved, besides the ambiguity of how this can be achieved since a robot may encounter obstacles of all forms that must be bypassed in an intelligent manner. This(More)
Collaborative working environments for distance education sets a goal of convenience and an adaptation into our technologically advanced societies. To achieve this revolutionary new way of learning, environments must allow the different participants to communicate and coordinate with each other in a productive manner [1]. Productivity and efficiency is(More)
iJOE International Journal of Online Engineering 1 Abstract—Most of human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for process control disseminated in the industry are mostly technique-oriented and don't reflect operators' needs. This approach tries to compensate this lack through offering useroriented interfaces characterized as cognitive-compatible. If(More)