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In a simulation experiment we studied the effects of cognitive, emotional, sensorimotor, and mixed stressors on driver arousal and performance with respect to (wrt) baseline. In a sample of n = 59 drivers, balanced in terms of age and gender, we found that all stressors incurred significant increases in mean sympathetic arousal accompanied by significant(More)
Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been widely used in predicting the severity of road traffic crashes. All available information about previously occurred accidents is typically used for building a single prediction model (i.e., classifier). Too little attention has been paid to the differences between these accidents, leading, in most cases, to build(More)
Analyzing affective studies is challenging because they feature multimodal data, such as psychometric scores, imaging sequences, and signals from wearable sensors, with the latter streaming continuously for hours on end. Meaningful visual representations of such data can greatly facilitate insights and qualitative analysis. Various tools that were proposed(More)
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