Salah M Salman

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The clinical and histopathologic features of actinic lichen planus in 16 patients were studied. The majority of the patients were young, and men and women were almost equally affected. The relative incidence of this condition, compared with the incidence of all forms of lichen planus, was smaller than that reported in the literature. The eruption was(More)
Three clinicopathologic variants of lichen planopilaris are described. The first is characterized clinically by individual keratotic follicular papules and histologically by a lichenoid inflammatory cell infiltrate confined to the follicular epithelium. The second variant consists of erythematous to violaceous plaques, some of which show follicular(More)
Well-aligned zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowire arrays were fabricated on gold-coated plastic substrates using a low-temperature aqueous chemical growth (ACG) method. The ZnO nanowire arrays with 50-130 nm diameters and ~1 μm in lengths were used in an enzymebased urea sensor through immobilization of the enzyme urease that was found to be sensitive to urea(More)
BACKGROUND The term Marjolin ulcer is now synonymous with malignant transformation of chronic ulcers, sinus tracts, and burn scars. OBJECTIVE To illustrate the importance of incisional or excisional biopsies in cases of suspected burn scar carcinoma. METHODS Case report and review of the literature. RESULTS Multiple punch biopsies were negative while(More)