Salah Al-Hassan

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A special case of wiretap channel is studied and analysed when the main channel is an error free channel and the eavesdropper channel is a binary symmetric channel. The goal of this work is to maximise the equivocation on the eavesdropper side by using a combination of the technique of the McEliece cryptosystem using Best Known Linear Codes(BKLC) coupled(More)
In this paper we present a code design technique which produces codes for syndrome coding which have better secrecy than the best error correcting codes. Code examples are given for the case where the number of parity bits of the code is equal to 15. The code design technique presented is based on extensions of the parity check matrix of a set of good(More)
This manuscript describes the RUSTIC model and presents the results of an example application. RUSTIC links three subordinate models in order to predict pesticide fate and transport through the crop root zone, unsaturated zone, and saturated zone to drinking water wells: PRZM, VADOFT, and SAFTMOD. PRZM is a one-dimensional finite-difference model which(More)
In this paper, we present a code design technique that produces the best equivocation codes(BEqC) for the syndrome coding scheme. This technique is based on the extension of the parity check matrix of a good (BEqC), [n, k] code by selecting the two best columns that extend the length of the code. The goal of this construction is to improve the communication(More)
Mercury is used in small-scale mining to amalgamate gold particles, facilitating their separation from heavy sands. The negative environmental/health-related effects of mercury in mining communities in Ghana and other countries have generated research interest into development of safer alternatives. This study tested direct smelting as an alternative to(More)
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