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Arid ecosystems present a two-phase mosaic structure of high- and low-cover patches. Vegetation patches differ among ecosystems in size and shape. However, recent studies indicate striking similarities in patch dynamics and in mechanisms explaining their origin and maintenance. Two major types of system, banded and spotted vegetation, which are(More)
  • Mainetti, Malandra, Sala, Schito, Vandone
  • 2015
It’s well known that large differences commonly exist between a computer based original design shape and the resulting flying shapes of offwind sails. Fluid-structure interaction codes based on CFD and FE techniques are nowadays under development and they represent appealing tools useful to close this gap: in fact potential improvements to the offwind sail(More)
The Lambda+c lifetime is measured using 9.0 fb(-1) of e+e- annihilation data collected on or just below the Upsilon(4S) resonance with the CLEO II.V detector at CESR. Using an unbinned maximum likelihood fit, the Lambda+c lifetime is measured to be 179.6+/-6.9(stat)+/-4.4(syst) fs. The precision of this colliding beam measurement is comparable to other(More)
This contribution begins with a presentation of the three articles that constitute this part of the geography topic, which are: Main stages of the development, Theory and Methods, and Geographical Education. It continues with the analysis of the basis of the development of modern geographic thought, in which the scientific, institutional, social and(More)