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In a knowledge-based, networked economy, students leaving university need to have attained skills in collaborative and creative project-based work and to have developed critical, reflective practices. This paper outlines how a wiki can been used as part of social constructivist pedagogical practice which aims to develop advanced ICT literacies in university(More)
The processes of playing give games their central meaning and need to be at the heart of analysis of computer games – play is what animates this medium. To focus on this I want to go beyond assessing digital games in terms of the text-structural features, aesthetic features and functionality-and examine the social and economic engagements of the players.(More)
In this paper we trace the evolution of a project using a wiki-based learning environment in a tertiary education setting. The project has the pedagogical goal of building learners' capacities to work effectively in the networked, collaborative, creative environments of the knowledge economy. The paper explores the four key characteristics of a 'produsage'(More)
This paper examines how the complexity of motivations and practices found in a specialist social networking site intersect with the institution of intellectual property (IP). IP is a set of conventions and legal practices which evolved in a very different environment of production and distribution. In a co-creative social networking site we find a(More)
Online social softwares present many challenges to policy makers and regulators. As convergent media they cross previously well defined territories and policy silos. This paper considers seven different ways of approaching online social softwares such as Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Social Networking Sites (like MySpace or YouTube) and sketches(More)
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