Sakutaro Yamada

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A model is proposed that expresses the spatial and temporal migration pattern for stock of Pacific saury Cololabis saira (Brevoort), in order to investigate the effect of sea surface temperature (SST) on migration rates. Two factors are considered: (i) Saury emigrate to waters of an optimal SST zone; and (ii) saury immigrate from water zone that is(More)
Age and growth of the yellowstriped butterfish, Labracoglossa argentiventris, around Izu Oshima Island were studied using a total of 1450 fish. Age was determined by counting the edge of the opaque zones as a ring mark on sectioned sagittal otoliths. Formation of the first ring was observed during spring or summer, corresponding to 1.5 years after hatching.(More)
Statistical properties of estimators relating to the mean abundance of fish eggs were investigated using the data from the presence-absence sampling (PAS) and counting sampling (CS). PAS, which focuses on the presence-absence of eggs in a sample, is more cost-effective yet is unlikely to give more precise estimates than CS, which counts the number of eggs.(More)
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