Sakurako Kogure

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In this paper, we present five ideas for designing pattern mining workshop. The ideas we propose are (1) Dual Motivation; setting different goals for participants and organizers, (2) Solution-Problem Pair; extracting both "Solution" and "Problem," (3) Topic Card; using "Topic cards" for accelerating the dialogues, (4) Generator; positioning a "Generator"(More)
This paper presents a method for understanding personal ways of thinking and doing in daily lives among different countries by mining their ways as patterns in a sense of pattern language. Pattern language is a methodology of describing tacit practical knowledge, where each pattern consists of context, problem, and solution. In this paper, patterns mined(More)
Christopher Alexander explored the hidden quality in a town or a building and defined the concepts of wholeness and centers in his book, The Nature of Order. He said that the whole becomes lively when centers intensify each other and proposed fifteen fundamental properties that describe how centers intensify each other. These properties are geometrical so(More)
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