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Improved techniques to enhance the yield of paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella volvacea) for commercial cultivation
Cultivation of Volvariella volvacea in circular compact bed method recorded maximum yield of 972.8 g/bed (biological efficiency of 23.8%). Seeding the beds with 15 and 20 days old spawn with wellExpand
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First Report of Tomato Leaf Curl Joydebpur Virus Infecting Chilli (Capsicum annuum) in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Authors and A liations N. Krishnan S. Kumari S. Krishnan V. Dubey A. K. Singh R. Kumar Division of Crop Protection, ICAR Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi 221305, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaExpand
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Development of colchitetraploids with improved fertility in watermelon
Tetraploid plants were produced in the watermelon cultivar ‘Sugar Baby’ through seedling treatment with colchicine solution (0.5%). Path coefficient analysis was conducted to find out the relativeExpand
Waste to value added product: Vermicomposting of sugar canebagasse and leaves using African nightcrawlers (Eudrillus Eugeniae)
The high volume of waste dumped per day leads to serious environmental issues. Among the issues is the generation of methane via anaerobic degradation of waste that contributes towards globalExpand
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Dyeing of cotton and silk with eco-friendly dyes extracted from bark of mangrove species Rhizophora mucronata and Ceriops tagal
India has a rich biodiversity of plants and it harbours several economically useful plant resources. Hence, the plant kingdom is considered to be treasure-house of diverse natural products. NaturalExpand
Combining ability studies exploiting gynoecy in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)
Twelve F1 hybrids of cucumber derived from a top cross involving twelve monoecious parents and a stable gynoecious inbred (EC 709119) as female parent were evaluated in randomized block design (RBD)Expand
Growth enhancement in vegetable crops by multifunctional resident plant growth promoting rhizobacteria under tropical Island Ecosystem
Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria have been used to improve crop production. A total of 114 bacterial isolates were recovered from the rhizosphere soils of healthy plantation and vegetable cropsExpand
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Seasonality in cocoa : Weather influence on pod characters of cocoa clones
Cocoa ( Theobroma cacao L.) is the only source of chocolate and worldwide number of people depends upon cocoa for their lively hood. Now the crop is spreading to non-traditional area and it is veryExpand
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