Sakshi Kapoor

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In this paper a monopole antenna for WLAN and WiMAX frequencies is proposed. The given antenna is composed of a rectangular patch monopole antenna having an E-shaped slot with two backward slits on the substrate and a defected ground plane. The antenna exhibits single band, which creates an impedance bandwidth of 2 GHz for the working band of 4-6 GHz. The(More)
This paper presents a miniaturized triple band multi frequency antenna. The proposed antenna can generate two separate impedance bandwidths to cover all the 2. 4/5. 2/5. 8-GHz WLAN operating bands and the 2. 5//5. 5-GHz WiMAX bands. The proposed microstrip-fed antenna mainly consists of a circular ring, U-shape-like slots on substrate, and a defected ground(More)
This paper presents a circular patch multiband monopole microstrip antenna using DGS (Defected Ground Structure) technique. In this monopole multiband antenna L-shaped defects are inserted into both sides of ground plane of patch antenna forming a defected ground structure. The antenna exhibits three simulated bands and impedance bandwidth of lower(More)
We consider a distributed multiple access system (MAC) with bursty arrivals. The transmissions are grouped into slots and the users are frame-synchronized. At the start of each time slot, variable sized packets independently arrive at each of the transmitting terminals. The packets are to be delivered to a common receiver within a certain number of slots(More)
The Microstrip patch antennas have the properties of low cost fabrication and least profile. This Antenna is more properly used now a day due to its light weight, low volume and easy to install on the rigid surface. In this paper, the design of the microstrip patch antennas are considered. Using the fractal technology,on Sierpinski Carpet antenna, return(More)
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