Sakkarapani Krishnaveni

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Data Mining is taking out of hidden patterns from huge database. It is commonly used in a marketing, surveillance, fraud detection and scientific discovery. In data mining, machine learning is mainly focused as research which is automatically learnt to recognize complex patterns and make intelligent decisions based on data. Nowadays traffic accidents are(More)
At present most of the women were having symptoms of breast cancer it can be detected by presence of microclacifications in mammogram. Classifier makes vital role in early detection and diagnosis of microclacifications in mammogram. Most of the classifier at present which is not more efficient to diagnosis the breast cancer. In this paper leads to analysis(More)
— Malicious code is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information by sending malicious code to the trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. JavaScript is the most frequently used command language in the web page environment. If the hackers misuse the JavaScript code there is a possibility of stealing the authentication and confidential(More)
Malicious code injection poses a serious security issue over the Internet or over the Web application. In malicious code injection attacks, hackers can take advantage of defectively coded Web application software to initiate malicious code into the organization's systems and network. The vulnerability persevere when a Web application do not properly(More)
ABTRACT As the population is increasing in cities transportation has become difficult. In this paper, we present an easy way of transportation. The GPS module collects the position of the bus via GPS receiver and then sends the data of positions to specified center through SMS by using GSM service. After processing data, the position of the mobile vehicle(More)
Web applications are most widely used technique for providing an access to online services. At the same time web applications are easiest way for vulnerable acts. When a security mechanism is failed then the user may download malicious code from a trusted web site. In this case, the malicious script is contracted to full access with all assets belonging to(More)
Multi-stage processing occurred in distributed data warehouse. Many joints and splits are required at the time of submitting queries. Scheduling algorithms are used to resolve these issues. Reducing the processing time and cost are common concerns in scheduling. By this way the available resources are used to accomplish the task with quick manner. In this(More)